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Drug Rehab Working Ranch
Life Skills Recovery Ranch is a structured, sober living facility and drug rehab working ranch that is focused on personal growth experiences for men in early recovery. We not only focus on how to get sober, but more importantly how to stay sober, and thrive in life and recovery! This is done through the application of therapeutic recovery principles, coupled with the practice of developing a solid work ethic, having a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day and working with the 12-step program. Our residents develop a deep sense of pride and self-worth through accomplishments they never thought possible! We believe a determined personal commitment and a structured routine is what helps our residents develop successful habits conducive to long term recovery. Our program focuses on helping these men BECOME men, men of INTEGRITY. Call us today at (435) 253-1887 for more information on our drug rehab working ranch program.

After 25 years of having Interns at the Ranch, you can feel confident that your son will be in good hands and on his way to a productive life when he finishes this program."- Greg Kesler

Life Skills Recovery Ranch


  What Sets our Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab Apart At Life Skills Recovery Ranch, the authentic ranching lifestyle is truly unmatched. What sets us apart from other Residential Living Facilities is more than just our philosophy…Nothing here is contrived. We are a real working ranch that includes: 11,000 plus acres, 150 horses, 1000 head of cattle, a feedlot, farming operations, in-house equipment maintenance, and metal fabrication facility.  There is also an on going building construction operation, including cabinetry. This is only the beginning! These young men will learn real ranching, …Read more



  Philosophy of Christian Rehab Centers   At Life Skills Recovery Ranch we use the proven method of hard work and accomplishment, while exploring opportunities for career growth and self-identity. We focus on hope and future potential, rather than on past mistakes. We use the past only as a point of reference to measure progress in their personal journey.Upon this foundation, we provide the model of a productive work ethic with safety, career training, structure and a supportive environment in an atmosphere conducive to continued development, strength, commitment and overall recovery through achievement.Read more

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  Mission of Substance Abuse Rehab Center   Life Skills Recovery Ranch is a structured personal growth experience for men in early recovery or dealing with behavioral issues. Through application of proven recovery principles, coupled with the practice of developing a solid work ethic and working hand-in-hand with local 12-step programs, our clients develop confidence and a sense of self-worth. This, along with personal commitment and a structured routine, helps clients to develop successful habits. Successful completion of our program will give clients a firm foundation for fostering the essential life skills needed …Read more



LSRR may be thought of as the best fit for those with an interest in the outdoors and animals, yet, by natures design, we have seen more rapid growth in our men’s recovery from those who have not had the opportunity of experiencing this way of life before coming to the ranch. Previous experience with horses and cattle are not necessary, …Read more

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Healthy Living

At Life Skills Recovery Ranch, we use a proven approach in supporting and strengthening the men we serve. One example of this is exhibited by the well-balanced and nutritious meals we prepare. Our meals are all planned and prepared fresh in our kitchen, made from scratch with raw and organic ingredients. We use whole milk, farm raised eggs, hormone free beef/chicken/pork/mutton, fresh vegetables and fruits, and our water is pumped from our own deep wells and contains no fluoride or chlorine.During the year, every intern will have the opportunity to …Read more