Life Skills Recovery Ranch
9431 North 400 West Holden, UT 84636 US
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Life SKills Recovery Ranch

Life Skills Recovery Ranch, Holden, UT
Life Skills Recovery Ranch is a structured personal growth experience for men in early recovery or dealing with behavioral issues. Through application of proven recovery principles, coupled with the practice of developing a solid work ethic and working hand-in-hand with local 12-step programs, our clients develop confidence and a sense of self-worth. This, along with personal commitment and a structured routine, helps clients to develop successful habits. Successful completion of our program will give clients a firm foundation for fostering the essential life skills needed to thrive in lasting recovery and the evolution of life.
At Life Skills Recovery Ranch we use the proven method of hard work and accomplishment, while exploring opportunities for career growth and self-identity. We focus on hope and future potential, rather than on past mistakes. We use the past only as a point of reference to measure progress in their personal journey.

Upon this foundation, we provide the model of a productive work ethic with safety, career training, structure and a supportive environment in an atmosphere conducive to continued development, strength, commitment and overall recovery through achievement.
At Life Skills Recovery Ranch, the authentic ranching lifestyle is truly unmatched. However, it is our commitment to develop and enhance the trade skills of our interns that sets us apart from other extended care treatment programs. Each day our primary goal is to make our interns capable, rather than to make them happy. We do this by providing activities that allow them step out of their comfort zones. We are committed to helping our interns recognize and take pride in productivity. While these skills are needed and frequently used at the ranch, this experience also increases their occupational foundation. Our primary goal each day is not to make our interns happy, but rather to make them capable. This is done by systematically and individually having them step out of their comfort zones. This commitment to helping them recognize and take pride in productivity is something in which we take great pride. While these skills are all needed and frequently used at the Ranch, this experience also increases their occupational foundation.

We offer an innovative training and certification program in over 25 trade/skill areas. Our certification process provides a Certificate of Training, detailing requirements interns have met for certification, which can be used for future employment endeavors. Through this process interns also develop a strong and productive work ethic, reasonability and experience personal accomplishment. This will aid them in any career they choose.