What to Bring to Long Term Addiction Recovery & Rehab in Utah

When coming to rehab in Utah at Life Skills Recovery Ranch you may be wondering what to bring for your long-term addiction recovery journey. Interns should bring T-shirts (8-16), underwear (7-10), sleepwear (2), casual wear (2 outfits), dress up clothes for church and activities (at least one outfit including shoes), tennis shoes, socks (6-10 pairs), exercise clothes, robe (if wanted), slippers, swimming suit, belt, camera, books for downtime, AA & NA books, and basic personal toiletries to our rehab in Utah.

Credit card and Health Insurance information to be on file for incidental medical charges. Medication will be billed to your insurance company and you will need a card on file in order to fill any prescriptions. You will also be responsible for any co-pay visits to the doctor while at the drug rehab working ranch.

We need a copy of the intern’s driver’s license, passport, or photo ID. They will be returned to the sponsors immediately and not kept at LSRR during long-term addiction recovery.

A list of all medications and dosages. Please bring a one-week supply to ensure the Intern does not miss any medications during the transition to our rehab in Utah. This will get him by until he can see Dr. Taylor, his new medical doctor in our area.

Recent test results for Hepatitis C, Tetanus, & Tuberculosis (within six months). If they have not been tested or vaccinated, please let us know prior to their coming as the state of UT requires it prior to admittance. We can arrange to have it done at their first medical appointment if it is not already done.

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot bring or want more information about our rehab in Utah, call us today at (435) 795-2626!

A withdrawal plan from a Physician for any Psychotropic medication is helpful. Dr. Taylor will work with them to slowly wean them off any drugs you and your son feel you should be weaned from as to not be on long-term when they graduate.

Any previous medical records or mental illness evaluations.

The names, addresses, and phone numbers of healthcare professionals, three individual emergency contacts, references, family members, and anyone else you would like to have involved in your son’s recovery. No one that is not on your list may call in or write your son while he is in his long-term addiction recovery program.

Modest and Appropriate attire is required at all times. No tank tops or sleeveless tops, except for exercise. Dress codes are to be followed while at our rehab in Utah.

3-5 motivational/educational books for your intern’s reading – self-help, recovery, spirituality, biographies, etc. We have a large selection of self-help, motivational and entertaining books here for their use also.

The first month of personal toiletries, including toothbrush, body lotion, and sunscreen. All toiletries must be alcohol-free.

Do Not Bring:

Inappropriate clothing – drug or alcohol “logo” clothing, excessively tight-fitting clothes, low cut, sleeveless, revealing shirts, torn jeans/t-shirts, short-shorts (only shorts with a hem one inch above the knee may be worn).

Do not bring your son with a bag of sweets and energy drinks. We have all the sweets and food your son will need.

Items exceeding $100 in value. LSRR is not liable for the loss or damage of any money, cameras, jewelry, documents, or any other articles of unusual value when you come to rehab in Utah. All valuables will be sent home with the parents at long-term addiction recovery orientation if sent.

No electronic appliances:

Television / DVD players

Cell / Smart Phone

Computer / Laptop / Tablet


Palm pilot / PDA

IPod with videos

Cosmetics that contain alcohol:

Hair Sprays


Nail polish remover, nail glue

Hair color chemicals

Aerosol containers

Aftershave / cologne

Energy drinks or vitamin drinks

Weapons of any kind

Any unauthorized medications will be destroyed upon admitting into our faith-based recovery programs (i.e. Suboxone, Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, Ambien etc.)

If you have prior clearance to have your son wean slowly, over a 30 to 45-day program with us, you may bring these substances onto our campus.  They may not be in the possession of the new intern at any time. Please bring them to the office upon entering our rehab in Utah.

Please Note: We do not accept sex offenders, arsonists, people with mental illness, or chronically violent individuals. Methadone users need prior and special approval.


Wrangler jeans (4), hoodie sweatshirt (1), western shirts (2), boot socks (8), waterproof work boots (1 pair), work boots (1 pair), spurs (1 pair), Double Dollar caps-hats (3), professional lariat ropes (1), pocket knife (1) (used daily on the ranch; cutting hay strings, etc.) winter coat (1), gloves (3 summer pair-when appropriate, and 2 winter pair) winter bibs(1) (insulated coverall with suspenders), long johns, 12-step binder, journal, notebook, towel (1), watch (1), hamper (1), lunch pail & water bottle (1).