What Sets our Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab Apart

set_us_imgAt Life Skills Recovery Ranch, the authentic ranching lifestyle is truly unmatched. What sets us apart from other Residential Living Facilities is more than just our philosophy…Nothing here is contrived. We are a real working ranch that includes: 11,000 plus acres, 150 horses, 1000 head of cattle, a feedlot, farming operations, in-house equipment maintenance, and metal fabrication facility.  There is also an on going building construction operation, including cabinetry. This is only the beginning! These young men will learn real ranching, farming, construction and other trade skills during their stay. They learn that what they do daily really does matter. Once they know this, it can make a difference as they learn to work as a team, which will allow them to become the man they were meant to be. Even though the skills they learn here at the ranch could be used for future careers, the most important skills they learn here can be used to excel at any occupation. These skills include: ambition, self-confidence, common sense, integrity, responsibility, and the knowledge they can complete big and hard tasks.

We believe in “The Grandpa’s Philosophy”… get them up early, work them hard, and put them to bed tired with our rigorous ranch recovery center schedule! It worked so well for all those generations before us! We have found returning to our nations roots is key to creating self respecting MEN. We teach these men to take pride in their work, to develop self-confidence, self-respect and to become men of integrity.

Our primary goal each day is not to make our interns happy, but rather to make them capable. This is done by systematically and individually having them step out of their comfort zones on a daily basis. It is not easy, but it is worth it!

Most of these men have never had a true friend…and the reason is they don’t know how to be one. We teach them these basic principles along with many more.