• I have known Greg Kesler, owner of the Double Dollar Ranch, for almost 20 years. I have worked for Greg as a manger and sold horses to the ranch. The Double Dollar Intern program and now the LSRR program has been shaping the lives of young men for as long as I have known Greg.

    Greg and his ranch were a key factor in my recovery and why I was successful in reaching for and staying sober. This program will help build confidence and reestablish your self-esteem through hard work and accomplishment. These were the key factors in my gaining sobriety.

    This program will remind you that nothing comes easy or free (that the only debt you truly owe to yourself is to stay and remain sober) and through hard work and effort you will replace the pain, building the everlasting strength you need to remain sober.

  • After completing 3 months of treatment I had the opportunity to go to the Double Dollar Ranch. I was there for 7 months and owe my life to this program. I was at a point in my life where I had lost my work ethic and ambition for life in general, after being at the ranch and many hours of hard work I can truley say I have found that again. I left the ranch with many different skill sets that i am putting to use today, also friendships that will never be broken through the many of hours of hardwork. I am very grateful for the Kesler family and for the sacrifice they made for me to be able to turn my life around and find those things in life that I was missing.

  • The Double Dollar Ranch has helped me in more ways than one! If you have problems it will take you away from those problems and those people associated with them. Also there is always positive people at the ranch that are willing to help you come closer to God and his Son. If you want to rope or become a horseman there is no one better than Greg Kesler; who is willing to train you and help you become great. This is a huge ranch with lots of horses, cattle and is a great place to be, all the way around

  • Dear Greg,
    I need to thank you. Sorry that this has been the first letter but I need to thank you and everyone at the ranch for what you’ve done for me. It seems that everything I have learned at the Double Dollar has transferred over to work out here in real life. I just really cannot thank you enough. To be honest I really don’t know if I would’ve been out here if it hadn’t of been for you and your ranch. I learned so much and grew so much being there. I know that god really does answer prayers and you and your family were an answer to mine. I hope everything is going well in Holden! Thank you again. Tell, Landon, Cuco, and Hailey that I said hi. Thank you again. Mahal ko kayo (love you all),