• I want you to know how much your commitment to our son means to both his father and I. What you offer is so selfless and extraordinarily admirable, giving young men a much needed chance to get their lives in order, an opportunity to make real change that is immeasurable. I wish that I could find such meaning in my day to day life as the two of you have done in yours. Your generosity is overwhelming, opening up your home to us and our daughter. I don’t know how we can ever repay your kindness, wisdom, warmth and generosity, but if we ever have the chance to help you at all in any way, please do not hesitate to ask us!

    Warmest regards and respect,

  • Dear Greg,

    I want to thank you for saving my son’s life. The past 10 years have truly been a life of hell, not knowing where he was or what he was doing. He delved so deeply at times into his addiction that we did not know who he was, and I’m sure he didn’t either. Your ranch is truly a prayer answered and blessing from God. Now talking to him on the phone we hear our son’s voice, his words and he is present. He has such confidence now and pride in what he is doing. We appreciate everything you have done, right down to the tough love you show him when he needs it. Thank you so much for all your guidance and caring advice.

    Chris and Susan
  • We never thought as grandparents that we would have an 18 year-old grandson dropped off at our door by his mother and given the responsibility of trying to help him turn his life around. We loved our grandson, though we didn’t approve of how he was living his life, involving himself with various drugs and those who would use him as their pawn. Inexperienced as we were, we knew we could not help our grandson on our own nor did we have the skills or training to deal with his mental state of mind or know what would be the best method to fulfill his desire to find a better path and turn his life around.

    We started first with his needs, which were to get him in a facility that had the expertise to deal with not only his negative appetites and attitude but also his ADHD mental condition. The next step was to place him in a better environment than the places he had been exposed to previously. We specifically were looking for a strong LDS environment that would not only support his physical needs to break away from any negative habits he was forming, but would also give him the spiritual support to strengthen his inner desire to find the right path to follow.

    We found that we also needed to consider his interests and desires for his future because it wasn’t what WE wanted for him that was important nor would make him have a desire to change, but he needed to own the decision by pursuing what HE wanted to become. In questioning him, we discovered he had a strong desire to work with horses and all aspects of working on a cattle ranch. He also wanted to learn more about welding.

    After considering all of these aspects of a suitable facility for our grandson that met all of this criteria, we were getting more discouraged by the day because all of the facilities we checked into would only take boys age 17 and under. Through a series of miraculous instances, we were pointed toward investigating the Life Skills Recovery Ranch. This ranch fit every one of our requirements and more. He has been offered more responsibility to help him become a stronger individual in leadership qualities. He has learned more skills to help him choose a career that he can be successful in. He is learning better ways to work out his frustration and anger. They offer many programs geared to his specific addiction problems and are teaching him the importance of responsibly dealing with those problems. The counselors, staff, and ranch owners seem to understand his particular weaknesses and needs and through their expertise and love we have every confidence that they will help him work through these trials in his life. They keep us informed in all aspects of our grandson’s progress.

    We could see a difference in our grandson after the first month. We know that as he continues to learn and grow in their program he will be ready to face the future with renewed determination and be successful in whatever path he chooses.

    For anyone who has family members with similar trials or problems in their lives, we highly recommend the Life Skills Recovery Ranch for assisting in helping men to turn their lives around find a life more fulfilled and successful.



    Mason and Doni Jones
  • The best decision that we have made for our family was to ask Life Skills Recovery ranch to allow our son to join in the hard work and teamwork that has changed his life and ours in a way that is unimaginable.

    Sometimes life’s challenges can be a lot to handle and adjust to. Each person reacts differently; some see these challenges as overwhelming, and one’s reaction is often times the result of self-image and can determine the course of an entire life, or at least temporarily detour on life’s path.

    Through Life Skills Recovery Ranch, a combination of hard physical work, coaching, the gaining skills and trust, each person is encouraged to take on tasks that sometimes challenge their belief in their ability to accomplish. The teamwork and trust in the other ranch members/workers, have begun to cause my son believe in himself.

    My son’s work at Life Skills Ranch has provided him with an opportunity to be comfortable with his independence. The process is a natural progression in a controlled environment where personal decision making is open, and consequences, both positive and negative, are a natural result.

    Teamwork has put my son in a place where he can trust other members of the ranch that is a large component of his maturing process. He has learned to trust others and exercise leadership. He has come to the realization that every human being faces their own challenges and that each person has a responsibility to the other to support them in their personal challenges. Trust and empathy are a natural result.

    The skills learned along the way are life long, and provide confidence and will be a large component in his ability to create a stable, independent, and fulfilling future where self-determination, caring, and selflessness will create happy productive life.

    I am truly amazed at what has happened to each person in this program. My son has developed a sense of personal pride and the confidence to face his own bright future on his terms.

    I lack the works to express my appreciation to Life Skills Recovery Ranch for the hard work that has resulted in profound changes for my son and my family.