What to Expect at Christian Drug Rehab Facilities in Utah

We Work Hard and Provide Rewarding Experiences at Our Utah Drug Treatment Center

  • Interns are given shared living quarters to learn social skills.
  • Interns will be provided necessary clothing and equipment for safety. You will find a list of these items as well as a list of suggested personal items to bring at the time of admission into our long-term programs at our drug rehabs in Utah.
  • Interns are expected to take care of the safety gear items provided upon admission. If any of these items are lost or destroyed, interns and their sponsors will be financially responsible for the replacement of them.
  • Interns will each write a letter to himself that describes his goals and desired accomplishments at the Ranch and also projecting over the next 10 years. A copy of this letter will be provided to him and, upon approval, his family and/or sponsor. At our christian drug rehab facilities, interns are required to read the letter at least once a month and will be encouraged at any time desired to create an updated version.
  • Interns will spend the first couple days in orientation. They will be touring the Ranch, meeting staff and other Interns, watching some important DVD’s, learning ranch procedures/rules, unpacking and learning the Ranch and equipment safety procedures, etc.