Alumni Revisiting Our Long Term Drug Rehab Centers in Utah

Long Term Christian Drug Rehab Centers for Men

We Welcome Former Interns Back to the Christian Rehab Ranch for Men With Open Arms

Upon becoming a mentor, the men at Life Skills Recovery Ranch will reintegrate into society. While finalizing the discharge plan, we work with each man to schedule a weekend date for him to return for Renewal. During this visit, each alumnus will be asked to share his experiences, strengths and hopes. Our goal is to schedule this visit to occur approximately 45 days following his completion as a mentor. This time-frame has been proven to be a very pivotal time in early recovery. This also allows an opportunity for our alumni to reconnect with his accomplishments and feel the support of this extended ranch recovery family. We use this opportunity to remind each graduate they are welcome back to the ranch at no cost as long as they have stayed clean and sober to recharge their self-worth battery and hone their skills; should they ever feel it necessary.