Long Term Substance Abuse Program

Long Term Substance Abuse Program MilestonesSubstance Abuse Program Levels

Intern and Apprentice Level:
The interns will be presented a cowboy hat within their first 30 days on our drug rehab working ranch. After they learn to ride, most young men will have an opportunity to make their own professional cowboy training reins, and handmade bridle and spurs in our leather shop. These are earned items based upon accomplishments and completion of various skills and levels of riding ability.

Upon Completion of Intern Level:
After a few months in the program, the men get the opportunity to earn the standing of ROOM LEADER.  The room leader is in charge of the dorm room and the activities in there. They work with the apprentices to make sure the rules are followed. Then if they advance to apprentice, they get to have a semi-private room with one other apprentice as well as join in leadership meetings every morning after breakfast. They are now deemed floor leaders and practice leadership in and out of the sober ranch house.

After approximately nine months, the apprentice can become a mentor. At this level they get their own home, (a bunkhouse not far from the main home) use of phones daily, computer use and are allowed one weekend a month off the ranch. This marks the final stage of their long term substance recovery.

Upon Completion of the program:
Family and friends will attend their graduation ceremony. They will be presented a large digital frame loaded with all the photos taken while here at the LSRR. We also create a scrapbook to journal their time here, a hoody with our logo, ball cap with logo and completion certificate.

The mentors will be presented a handcrafted trophy box with shelves and hooks that hold and display their cowboy hat, reins, bridle, spurs, their certificate of completion and their digital photo frame. We do this so the men can commemorate and remember their successes during their long term substance abuse program at Life Skills Recovery Ranch.