Long Term Substance Abuse Programs


Our Christian recovery program has evolved into a premier 12-month extended care program for men ages 18-35, who share a history of substance abuse and/or behavior challenges. Over the years we have tried varying time periods for our program and found there are no “quick fixes” to recovery and becoming a different person. This experience has proven that the best approach for recovery is through long term substance abuse programs.  A year seems to be the minimum length of time for most residents to make the needed advancements they need to sustain a productive life. Our focus is not just on overcoming substance abuse, it’s on becoming a well-balanced, happy, productive citizen who has no time or desire for their former life style. For recovery to be life long, these young men must be happy with “the guy in the mirror”. We have found that it is nearly impossible for that transformation to happen in less than a year. At the completion of the program we offer a graduation of family, staff, and their friends in the program to celebrate their accomplishment.

Ranch Recovery Terms of Acceptance:

The minimum required length of stay at LSRR‘s long term substance abuse program is 12 months; however, most men want to stay longer and we encourage that decision. Assuming the Intern is admitted into LSRR, the term of this agreement shall be the length of time specified in the Payment Agreement beginning with the Intern’s arrival date. There are no additional fees for staying longer if the men have graduated. And in most cases we hire the graduates as staff and they live here on the ranch with their room and utilities for free.