Long Term Rehab Centers in Utah

Our Christian drug rehab working ranch offers rewarding, proven substance abuse and rehab services.


Intern: (Residential Support) approx. Months 1st – 6th
Tuition Fee: Please call us at (435) 795-2626 for fees.
Matriculation /Gear/ Fee: $ 2,000.00 (one-time fee / non-refundable after 30 days)
(This fee includes initial evaluations by a therapist, trip to initial physical evaluation by a medical doctor and all required clothing for the nine month period, TB test, Tetanus test, all toiletries, Food Handlers Permit, CPR, First Aid courses, Hunter Safety course, fishing license, activity costs, etc. – see What to Expect section for more information.) Items are kept by the intern when enrollment concludes. A list of these items will be included.

Apprentice: approx. Months- 7th, 8th, 9th
Tuition Fee: Please call us at (435) 795-2626 for fees.

Mentor Phase: (by invitation only, Independent Living) Approx. Months-10th, 11th, 12th
(NO Tuition fee and not part of the official 9 month program)
Mentors can be paid an incentive, up to the amounts listed below per month by following all guidelines.
First month:  $ 500.00 per month
Second month:  $ 650.00 per month
Third month:  $ 800.00 per month

Mentors live in an onsite living facility provided by LSRR and they also still receive breakfast with everyone and Sunday dinner.

    • First month: Admin/Matriculation fee ($2,000.00) + deposit for last month’s tuition as Apprentice + 1st month’s tuition ( are due PRIOR to arrival.)

**Should the intern not progress as quickly to apprentice level and need to stay as an intern, the tuition will remain at the intern level until he is at apprentice level.
**Should the intern not progress as quickly and need to stay in the apprentice level longer, the tuition will remain at the apprentice level until he does graduate from or exits the program.

  • The $3500 deposit required upon enrollment will be applied to the final month of tuition. This is non-refundable if you withdraw early from the program.
  • Each month the tuition fee must be received PRIOR to the first day of the admin date. The intern’s first day of each month corresponds to their admin date. Example: If the intern’s admin date is July 18th, the payment is due before the 18th of each month. If payment is late (after the 3rd day from the admin date) there is an interest fee of 12% APR ($660 for intern level and $420 for apprentice level) that will be charged along with the tuition for the month. If no payment is made by the 4th day from the admin date, the intern may be dismissed from the program.

*Most insurance companies do not cover the costs of Residential Support. We do NOT have a medical coding number to provide them (because we do not have medical staff – this is not a treatment program). If your insurance company says they will cover all or part of this residential rehab and substance abuse program, then get it in writing prior to coming to our program). We will “help” with the necessary paperwork to help get any insurance funds, but there is no guarantee on our end that you will be able to get insurance money to fund the LSRR program.

Financing is also an option to cover all or part of the cost of recovery. Financing may be available through Health Care Lending which is separate and apart from LSRR. There are many online companies to which you can apply.