Family Retreat at Drug Rehab Centers in Utah

FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (12)The Family Retreat at the Life Skills Christian Drug Rehab Working Ranch is an intimate opportunity for families to enjoy visiting, share a Ranch experiences, and gain supported insight of the progress of their loved one.  The “Family Retreat” is a weekend scheduled soon after enrollment and is targeted to be in the beginning of their fourth month, or approximately 120 after their enrollment in LSRR, depending on your interns progress.

A sketch outline of the Retreat is as follows:


  • Parents arrive on Friday afternoon by 1:00 pm
  • First – meet with staff to answer questions about your son, the program and the role that each staff member has at the ranch.
  • Meeting with Greg Kesler to discuss Questions and Answers about the program, your son’s progress in all areas, and parent involvement.
  • Parents watch the following DVD “Pleasure Unwoven”if they have not already done
  • If not already viewed during orientation “The Ultimate Gift” or “Karate Kid”
  • At approximately 5:00 pm- Accompany your son as he accomplishes his daily chore routine to see and experience some of the skills he has acquired. He will be your guide and teacher!
  • 6:15-6:30 pm – Dinner with your son and the staff serving Utah drug rehab for men
  • 7:00 pm – Parent Training Meeting with an Instructor
  • Local hotels are available for overnight arrangements


  • 7:00 am – Breakfast with the interns and son on the ranch
  • 7:30 am – Work alongside your son and try your hand at the skills he has been learning
  • 12:00 pm- Lunch with your son on the ranch
  • 12:30 pm – Continue to work with your son on the ranch
  • 4:00- 5:30 pm – Round Table about future goals for your son and discussion of Friday nights insights
  • 6:00 – 10:00 pm – You will be eating dinner and enjoying the evening with your son, the other interns, and staff at the ranch.
  •  At no time during your visit may your son leave the ranch with you


  • We would like to have you and your family join us and all the interns for worship services at the local church and enjoy a Sunday dinner afterwards if your schedule permits.
  • Family retreats ends