Substance Abuse Recovery in Utah

LSRR may be thought of as the best fit for those with an interest in the outdoors and animals, yet, by natures design, we have seen more rapid growth in our men’s recovery at the Christian drug rehab working ranch from those who have not had the opportunity of experiencing this way of life before coming to the ranch. Previous experience with horses and cattle are not necessary, but being somewhat exposed to the outdoors is helpful. There are four requirements for enrollment with Life Skills Recovery Ranch:

  • A desire to be a healthy, happy, & productive citizen.
  • Have been detoxed a minimum of 5 days. Completion of a 30 day treatment program is very helpful at some point prior to coming to LSRR. If the young man has not been through any 30 day treatment, special approval is required by staff.
  • Ability to participate in activities that teach skills and build a strong and productive work ethic.
  • No previous or pending convictions related to mental or sexual misconduct, or violence.

Our Farm Rehab Programs Expose Interns to New Experiences and Skills

“In working with animals we learn imperative Life Skills and lessons that we can apply to ourselves. This program will bring each man face to face with what he is made of, but more importantly, WHAT HE CAN BE! These men truly find out they “can do hard things” and “they can do a lot more than they ever thought they could!”- Greg Kesler

We truly feel that one of the most important things our interns take away from this men’s recovery program is the knowledge that they can do hard things, important things, and things they never thought they were capable of prior to our program. We take our interns and push them to learn new skills and try tasks they have never done to show them what they can be and boost their self-worth.

Life is full of ups and downs and our men need to know they can “do life” without medicating the ups and downs that will absolutely come with their life experience. We make sure we set up all our interns for success. As the owners and operators of one of the top drug rehab ranches in the United States, we strive to maintain our proven record of success. Over 90% of our graduates never use illegal and dangerous substances again, compared to the 8 to 13% success of 30 to 90 day programs.

Having a diverse group of men in our program is part of what makes it work. All ages from 18 to 35 are usually in the program from all kinds of diverse backgrounds, skills, and income levels.

Call us today at (435) 795-2626 to see how we can help your loved ones on their road to sobriety. Our men’s recovery program at our men’s addiction treatment center has been proven to help young men learn valuable life skills for recovering addicts that can lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

Please Note: We do not accept methadone users, sex offenders, arsonists, people with mental illness, or chronically violent individuals.