12 Step Program for Drug Addiction Treatment in Utah

Overview of Our Utah Drug Treatment Program

At Life Skills Recovery Ranch, our Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah  focuses on merging 12-step recovery principles with an applied work ethic. The daily structure and routine at LSRR allows the interns to experience foundational successes as witnessed in daily accomplishments achieved by their own labors. Through these achievements, men develop a deep sense of pride and commitment to their endeavors. It is during these periods that we are able to help interns pursue individual strengths and passions for life skills in recovery that they would like to develop.

Through the application of work skill training, 12-step recovery principles, abstinence, and responsibility, a new way of life is experienced. A successful lifestyle is demonstrated to our interns through the teaching of life skills in recovery. With extended exposure in this experience, the agent of change becomes deep-seated, new self-identities are built and the potential for long term drug rehab success increases greatly.

Through teaching life skills in recovery, our interns create opportunities for themselves after leaving our ranch recovery program. They can learn several trades to create opportunities for work and careers upon completing our 12-step recovery. Learning trades can provide great work ethic and numerous opportunities when the interns leave the ranch.

Call us today at (435) 795-2626 for more information on our program. We offer an immersive, supportive ranch recovery experience. Through hard work and long days of learning these important trade skills paired with a strong support system in faith and structured spiritual study, our interns are put on the path to success by learning valuable, useful life skills in recovery.

*It is important to note that it takes time to grow accustomed to the hard work and long day’s lifestyle. Although, the initial transition may be tough, it is worth all the effort as change is realized, accepted and even appreciated as interns come to reach their capabilities through productivity.

Life Skills in Recovery