Opportunities At Our Christian Drug Rehab Centers in Utah

The three-phase continuum of programming at our Christian drug rehab working ranch is a natural progression from the highest level of structure and supervision to practiced independence. Apprentice and Mentor phases are earned positions which require acceptance, by LSRR staff. These are just some of the opportunities of our Christian drug rehab center in Utah.

Intern (Extended Care Program): Focus is sustained abstinence and continuous learning in a safe and supportive environment, while acquiring career trades and personal skills.

Below are just some of the opportunities of our Christian Substance Abuse center:

  • Teamwork
  • Patience, self-control, & humility
  • Dedication – Self-Initiative
  • Gratification in accomplishment
  • Ambition
  • Work ethic – reliable & productive
  • Integrity – honor in work and your word
  • Care of other living beings
  • Humility, self-control – asking for help
  • Accepting council and guidance
  • Responsibility & accountability
  • Appreciation for personal heritage
  • Attention to details & excellence in standards
  • Management & leadership skills
  • Problem solving
  • Punctual, polite, manners & etiquette
  • Learn to go the extra mile

APPRENTICE (With normal progress an intern is invited to step up, this position is between months 5-8 months) Apprentice is a position of leadership where the individual has to start putting others needs and wants ahead of their own. This is the period where they truly start to learn that leadership, serving others, honesty and having good friends all go hand in hand. It provides opportunities to lead the other interns at our Christian drug rehab center in Utah.

MENTOR (Independent Living): only by invitation of staff. The mentor part of the program is where the greatest growth takes place. At this point these young men have learned ambition, accountability, leadership and have become men of integrity. At this point they have full privileges including, vehicles, phones, computers etc. They become involved in the community including, youth groups and activities. They can have weekend passes and privileges that fit them back into everyday life in a healthy manner. They continue to be drug tested and held accountable for their actions as happens on most high end jobs. Even though this phase of the program is only three months we allow them to stay for up to a year longer on our dime to help them stick to what they learned in our one-year drug rehab program. This is the highest opportunity available in our Christian drug rehab center in Utah.