Phases of Long Term Drug Rehab in Utah

At the Life Skills Christian drug rehab working ranch, we divide our program into multiple phases to gauge where our interns are in their recovery.

This is a One Year Program: There Are 3 Phases of Addiction Treatment in Utah

  • Phase 1: Intern, approximately 0-6 months (advancement depends on learning to be personally accountable). The first few months they remain an intern, but usually by month 5 they have the opportunity to be a Room Leader.
  • Phase 2: Apprentice, approximately months 7-9 (advancement depends on personal accountability and being accountable for others).
  • Phase 3: Mentor, approximately months 10-12 (during this phase the men learn business and leadership skills).

Intro to Program Phases1

For more information on cost and or paid incentives associated with each phase, please go to the Finances tab or call us for more details.