Substance Abuse Programs

During the year, every intern will have the opportunity to participate in meal preparation and training by our talented cooks. We require each intern to obtain a food handler’s permit to work in food preparation (we provide this certification). We feel learning to plan and prepare healthy meals is an important life skill for all men. Most of the men seem to really enjoy learning this skill and take a lot of pride in it as they become accomplished cooks.

Another important aspect to healthy living is exercise. We encourage the men to get up early 6 days a week and implement their own exercise program or work out at night. Most either run, lift weights or do exercise videos, such as P90X. We also provide 13 pieces of gym quality equipment and free weights for their use. Just the fact they are active from 6 am to 6 pm in itself helps the men learn to be active in healthy ways.

The men are up and out the door at 6 AM and the lights are out at 10 PM, again this encourages healthy, responsible adult behavior and in most cases this is not their case prior to coming to LSRR.

See the full ranch recovery center daily schedule.