Communication During Christian Addiction Recovery in Utah

At Life Skills Christian Drug Rehab Working Ranch Program we believe that practicing appropriate communication skills is essential to success in long term drug rehab for addiction. We encourage our Interns to share updates of their daily activities with family, all the while keeping the focus of Recovery at the forefront. Interns are allowed to receive calls during the designated call times only; these times include ADL and Personal Time as scheduled once a week as Interns and Apprentices.

Incoming callers will need to provide the name and code of the Intern in order to speak with him. This code will be assigned and provided to you during the enrollment process and you will need to pass this information to others that are appropriate contacts for the Intern. Sponsors will be required to provide a list of approved callers. We encourage communication and family involvement while your loved one is in our faith-based recovery in Utah.

Electronics Aid Recovery from Addiction

It is our goal to keep each Intern present in his personal journey of Recovery. It has been our experience on our sober ranch that often times electronics aid as a distraction and proves detrimental to that purpose. For this reason, the program phases of Intern and Apprentice during our long term drug rehab program for addiction we have a strict policy against the use of personal cell phones, laptops, iPods and other similar items. We have found in a high percentage of cases, substance abuse and behavioral issues have been encouraged and compounded by friends and individuals thru the use of electronic devices. We have also found that this influence can only be stopped with a strict no electronics policy for the first nine months of our program. Once the men become mentors, they are allowed daily limited use of phones, computers, and other electronic devices.