Faith Based Recovery Programs

About Our Utah Rehab Center

At Life Skills Recovery Ranch, we understand everyone is a creature of habit. With that said, it is our goal to instill productive, healthy habits and daily routines for the men we serve. While respecting the preference and values of each intern’s journey in recovery, we incorporate daily activities to follow the 12-step program for drug addiction in our faith based recovery programs.

When an intern enters the Utah rehab center, he will work with a Licensed Therapist and ranch faculty to create an individual Recovery Plan. Through a team approach, LSRR works to support the intern in his pursuit of success in attaining their goals.

As our workday allows we often “circle up” at breakfast and read from self-help books and plan our day. Interns attend community 12- step meetings on occasion including one hosted by the ranch weekly. In addition, the faith based recovery program hosts a community “give back” service project as often as possible.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is another organized, integral piece of applying, or in some cases acquiring, basic skills needed for successful sober, independent living. Under this title we address things such as living space cleanliness and upkeep, hygiene, meal planning, and preparing laundry, budgeting, written daily goals and task lists, weekly and daily planning at the Utah rehab center.

Through these daily focused activities and meetings, each intern remains connected to the journey, progress, and commitment to his own recovery and character development. We help them come to understand with integrity and ambition they can achieve all of their goals. This is why the program at our Christian drug rehab centers in Utah is so effective.

If you think our faith based recovery program in Utah is right for you or your loved one, call us today at (435) 795-2626 for more information and to begin the trek to learning life skills in recovery.