Greg Kesler


Greg’s mother died when he was 9 and at age 13, after the third step mom and mixed families he left home and started life on his own. By his late teens he had already started several successful entrepreneurial ventures and by his mid-twenties had built his first multi-million-dollar company. One of those businesses was “Dust Chem” where he developed the use of magnesium chloride into a dust control and de-icing agent, which is now the most commonly used product in our country for these needs. The use of magnesium chloride has now spread to other countries. Greg has invented, patented, and trademarked a number of now commonly used items, has written articles for national publications, has been a guest speaker around the nation and on the cover of several magazines. Greg started the Double Dollar Ranch in the early 80’s and has had 3 to 15 interns in his home at all times since the late 80’s. Because of his own life lessons and years of working with men in all aspects of their lives, he is a great counselor to those in the program. Greg feels strongly that he would have never accomplished so many things if it hadn’t been for all the special mentors in his life after he left home. He feels the need to help other young men along their journey as his way of “paying it forward.”